I'm really excited about this zombie novella I'm going to be writing.  We've been doing some brainstorming online.  Still waiting on the organizer, who will pick the remaining members.  We're already coming up with some great ideas and I've started working on character generation for the story, although I kind of hate that I can't write much more until I know more about what we'll be writing.  So far, I've got some characters that have some potential for depth, but it'll be hard limiting myself to about 15,000 words.

Unfortunately, until we finally meet face to face, I won't know a lot of the basics, like how the disease will be spread, who it will affect first (although it looks like that will likely be children as there is nothing scarier than something that hurts our children; it brings out the worst and best in us), what all the symptoms will be, what stage of the pandemic it will be, even down to the physical setting.  Will it be a real place, like maybe Raleigh since we all live in the area and it would make describing the same places easier, or a made up location, which will require more work to coordinate?


Did you hear that?  Must be imagining things...