Since I'm all giddy today, here's a bit of what I wrote today for Forever Knight...
Maryanne laughed at her friends.  The movie had been silly and she’d hated it, but it was better than the alternative.  Asheboro was not a big town and, even with relaxed alcohol laws opening up bars and clubs in town, there wasn’t much for a teenager to do on a Friday night.  And she was not doing homework on a Friday night.  That would be social suicide.

She waved at her friends as she reached her car.  They dispersed in all directions, having all come in separate vehicles.  No self-respecting teenager would ride share.  A car was a status symbol, a rite of passage, and you couldn’t get far in a town with no public transportation without it.

She pulled her keys out of her purse, flipping them around until she grasped the thick, black key in her fist.  Her car was an older model and didn’t have a key fob, much to her chagrin, but it was cute and girly.  At least it wasn’t a rusted out minivan.

“Boo,” a male voice said from behind her.

“Gah!” she said as she jumped, gripping her keys in a painful, iron clasp.  “Jesus H. Christ.  You scared the daylights out of me, sugar,” she said to the stranger, laughing off the fright with a toss of her hair, her southern drawl thickening from the fear clogging her throat.

“My apologies, sugar,” he said, emphasizing the last word as he bowed deep in front of her.  The gesture seemed sarcastic and she gripped her keys to her chest, wondering how she could get in the car before he got to her.  Just calm down, Maryanne.  Breathe.  She took a deep breath and tried to see his intentions in his eyes, but the parking lot was too dark, his face backlit, obscuring his features.

Time passed in a painful crawl, her heart hammering in her chest.  She studied him like a wary animal, waiting for him to strike.  After a moment that stretched into eternity, he sat against the hood of the next car and said, “Finally.  All to ourselves.”  The look that crossed his face sent chills down her spine.  She quickly looked around, realizing with a start that everyone had already left.  There were no dawdlers, no groups hanging around chatting.  They were all alone in the dark empty parking lot.  “Now, what’s your name, lovely?”

She bit her lip.  Dozens of horror scenarios screamed through her head, filling the silence he left.  Her jaw quivers as the word leaked from her lips in a barely audible whisper, “Maryanne.”

He leaned in close, still sitting precariously against the other car, “Well, Maryanne, I’m going to make you scream.”

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