I'll admit it.  Yes, I do read romances.  I know what you're thinking.  They're trashy, formulaic and completely lacking in any literary value.  Well, that's sometimes true.  And I've definitely read a few like that, but Accidentally Catty (and by association the rest of the series), is not.  To my credit, I am fairly discerning when it comes to romances.  At least, most of the time.  It's like horror movies.  Yes, I like the CG blockbusters, but occasionally, you just have to watch those terrible no name flicks that just make you laugh the entire time they are so bad.  Back to my point, I am discerning.  I almost exclusively read paranormal romance and anything funny (Janet Evanovich, you are awesome).  Dakota Cassidy has the ability to blend the two things I like to see in my romance, monster creatures and inconvenient bouts of laughter.

Though the main character is Katie, I've got to admit that I can't help but feeling that the infectious Nina is really the one that makes the book (and by association, the series).  Nina is loud-mouthed, profane, and constantly threatens violence.  In each book, there is a healthy subset of the cast that is terrified of her.  For that, I love her.  And that would be enough.  I love those types of characters and they are frequently not used enough in writing, in favor of more amicable individuals that are easier to get to know.  And yet, once you get beyond her insensitive, callous, symbolically body armored exterior, she is as loving and lovable as a puppy dog.  She is loyal to her friends, coos over children, and loves on dogs, cats, and guinea pigs.  What's not to love?

Now, on to the main characters, Katie and Shaw.  Cassidy has a fondness for the cast aside trophy wife, which she revives in Katie - divorcee to a man that destroyed the life she knew, seemingly out of spite.  Though not a trophy wife, Katie has the same feelings of inadequacy, further cemented by the town's reception of her upon arrival.  She is searching for that once attained but elusive acceptance, which the town refuses to give.  Shaw has amnesia and is cute as a button, personality-wise.  He is funny and fun-loving, always with a joke and brightens up the heroine's life.  Of course, dastardly plots are a-foot and the couple are stuck in the middle of it, with accusations flying and hope being dashed at every corner.

Because I don't like to write spoilers, I'll conclude with the thought that this was a good read.  Suspenseful, intriguing, funny, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, even though it was a romance.  Like with most romances, I prefer to read romances that could remove the sex scenes and still have a worthwhile book.  Accidentally Catty definitely fits the bill.

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