The first thing I thought when I started reading this book was, "Oh my God, it's in present tense."  I was already a little put off by the very CG-looking book cover and reading fiction in present tense is sort of a pet peeve of mine.  My mind was having visions of Fifty Shades of Grey or other equally difficult to read books I've subjected myself to over time.

But I read on and found that, amazingly, Riley J. Ford has actually managed to pull off present tense.  It was a bit awkward at first, as it always is when your mind is expecting things in past tense out of habit and they aren't, but the book isn't difficult to read.  It isn't awkward and it flows quickly along, dragging us along with Winter, frequently thinking, "No, don't!  You'll get caught!" or  "Oh my God, I'd be so embarrassed!"  I quickly found myself wrapped up in her antics, worried and chagrined for her.

The book is engaging to the reader even though, as a woman in my mid-twenties, I'm probably not the target audience.  Throughout the book, I find myself anxious for the protagonist's plight as she tries to identify her friend's murderer.  I can't help but laugh as she's nudged time after time to use her powers (the ability to read minds when she touches lips with someone... guy or girl) to find the killer.

Filled with comedy, mystery, suspense, and wacky powers, Ford pulls you along through Winter's highs and lows.  A good read, even if you're not into the Young Adult market.

About the Author:

Riley J. Ford has always been a writer, but she'd read somewhere that you should never write for publication until you've gained a lot of life experience first. She took this advice seriously, especially during her time at UCLA when she attended as many social gatherings as possible while still maintaining an honorable grade point average. She took great pride in her degree until the graduation commencement speaker joked, "I hope all you English majors consider the extremely low-paid but rewarding profession of teaching, as that is all your degree is good for." He was met with an abundance of eye rolling and nervous laughter, most of it from Riley J. Ford who was thinking, "No way in hell."

To her, teaching seemed as boring as listening to Muzak in an orthodontist's office while making bucked-tooth molds. To prove she could do anything with an English degree, she rebelliously went into banking instead. She soon learned the error of her ways, as banking is not the giggle-fest it's portrayed to be, and she ultimately turned to teaching after all. Fortunately, offering instruction to court-ordered convicts during the Los Angeles riots gave Riley J. Ford the excitement and personal adventures she craved. She also learned how important it is to live . . . literally. She was surprised to find she loved teaching, and eventually went on to become an ESL instructor and high school teacher with her very own parking space. A marriage and two kids later, she realized she'd gained more than enough life experience to become an author and dived headfirst into writing INTO YOU, her first work of fiction. She is also the author of the upcoming novel, CARPE DiEMILY, which she guarantees will make you piss your pants laughing, so be sure to wear a diaper. She currently lives in California with her family.

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