"Don't scare her again Chris.  She doesn't understand.  Listen to me - in the other world go and see Dr Priestley.  He's a physicist.  He's doing a lecture series in St Mary's church.  If you won't talk to me go to him, he will explain everything."

"Who are you talking about?" said Christine, "What do you mean?"

But before he could answer another person appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Mum, you're back!"

It was the little girl she had met days ago.  Teresa.  She knew for certain that was her name.  And at that the pain was back.  She put her hands to her head and closed her eyes.  White lights danced before her.  She felt someone move to grab her before she fell but they were too late.  She hit the floor  with a thump and then darkness.
This book starts out with a bang.  It's fast, easy to read, and I can honestly say I didn't see the ending.  Slee is a British author so expect some (but not too many) words or phrases you don't recognize or seem out of context here in the US.

Life Shift is a science fiction novel about alternate worlds.  It goes into just enough technobabble to seem real without overburdening the reader with things they have no hope of understanding.  The concept is interesting and, to my experience, new.  I like the incorporation of real world science to it, trying to explain the unexplainable.  This always helps with suspending disbelief.

The main character is fairly complex and it was interesting glimpsing how things in the alternate world might have changed her life choices making it so she lived two very different lives.  It was easy to become invested in the main character's problems and I spent a good deal of the book trying to figure out how it was going to resolve itself in the end.  Not that it mattered since, in the end, I would have never guessed at what did happen.  At first, the ending upset me and, personally, I think the writer could have spent a little more time easing us into the ending.  The last scene seemed almost a bit forced but, all in all, it was a good read that I finished very quickly.

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 Live in Swansea, Wales. Recently published Life Shift - a sci fi/romance book about a woman who one day discovers another life in an alternate universe. Fearing for her sanity she seeks the help of a university professor who introduces her to the world of quantum physics and infinite universes. She becomes increasingly drawn to her life in the alternate world - and to another man in this life - much to her husband's horror. It soon becomes clear there are decisions and sacrifices to be made. This is story about choices, regrets and marriage, alternate lives and wishes unfulfilled.

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