The book starts with you wondering what the hell he's running from.  In that way, it immediately gets you hooked.  Not to mention, a bunch of men dressed in black decide to board a ship wielding guns.

The author has this cheeky humor I just loved.  I was laughing on and off throughout the entire book.  At least, in between the heart pounding action scenes and death defying stunts.  Alin is always getting into trouble and I find it hilarious that he's the best pilot on the entire ship… and yet he's working in the kitchen.  Which, of course, leads to much hilarity.

New Hope Chronicles is a long book.  Long, long book.  It's over 700 pages.  I can't remember the last time I read a book that long.  It was like trying to watch a TV series.  And in ways, it reminded me a little of Star Trek, though don't ask me how because I haven't watch that in years.  Just a feeling I got from the book.  The book is long and complex and at times I was a little frustrated with the chapters it sometimes took to get back to Alin, the main character.  But I can't see how any of that could have been cleared out.  It was vital to the story.

The only problem I really had with the story was the ending.  After the primary conflict ends, the author takes a long time (probably around fifty pages) finalizing everything.  While, yes, I wanted to know these things and read them, I feel like they took away from the book.  I think they should have been supplementary tales.  Maybe bonus material after the book or on the author's website, which I would have been more than happy to click over to read.  It kind of had the feel like when a song ends, but you know it has several minutes of silence at the end before the next part of the song picks up.  Which is true here, since the very last scene sets you up for the next book.

Ordinarily, I'd say, "Oh my God, 6.99 for an eBook," and shun the stupid author.  However, like I said, this book is huge.  Frankly, $6.99 is a bargain considering how much story you're getting here.  You will be sucked in by the story.  You won't be able to put it down.  I know I couldn't and I spent three days straight on the sucker.

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