This story intrigues from the very beginning, with Tania's brother sneaking in and saying his goodbyes.  You know something bad is going to happen.  You can feel the emotion, the tension, as he says his final farewell, constantly cognizant of the enemies that lurk.
This story is like one of those Russian dolls - you take off a layer, only to find another beneath it.  Each layer peels away, revealing more clues, more hints, until everything is made clear.  The mysteries in this book will keep you guessing and reading just to know - where did Tom put the formula?

And it isn't just the mystery that keeps you reading on.  This book keeps you on the edge of your seat, never quite letting the tension, the suspense, the danger ease.

One thing that surprised me about this book was how much I laughed and smiled through it.  I was fully expecting the novel to be dark - and it was.  But the author was just as good at bringing lighthearted moments just when you, the reader, needed them most.

I only had three complaints about the book.  1) In the past, a character in the book was arrested for statutory rape.  However, according to Arizona law (Arizona 13-1405), statutory rape is "Sexual conduct with a minor to engage in sexual intercourse with someone under age 18."  That means, since one party was 16 and one party was 14, both would be guilty of statutory rape and the parents wouldn't be able to bring charges against the boy without consequently bringing charges against their daughter as well.  2) I've worked in restaurants before and restaurants never let employees go on break at 12:30pm, right in the middle of lunch rush.  Not to mention, restaurants routinely work on five-six hour shifts.  This because they don't have to give breaks to minors and it breaks the average restaurant's day into two shifts.  A "double shift" is generally 8-10 hours.  3) At one point, she mentions flash drives being hidden in object far too thin to hold them.  This took me out of the story momentarily.

All in all, this was a good book, a good read, that kept me engaged with the characters, the plot, and the mystery straight to the end. 

Book Description:

Tania Westing, a high school senior, is one of the Gifted Ones, descendants of an ancient family with seven special powers. Some of the powers are common, and some are rare.

Until her geneticist brother Tom was murdered, Tania lived an ordinary life. Now hidden in her mind is a clue that will reveal Tom's research, including secret formulas to unlock all seven powers. During spring break, Tania meets and falls in love with handsome Dan Maclean. When Tania reveals her rare power to heal, the evil Gifted Ones who killed Tom suspect Tania has his research and formulas and come after her. Tania must learn to use her powers to help save Dan's sister in time to keep Tom's secrets safe.

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About the Author:  

Carol Nicolas lives in northern Utah (USA) with her husband. A native of Canada, she attended BYU-Idaho (formerly Ricks College) and obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah USA). A teacher, mother of five, world traveler, wearer of silly socks, and fan of sci-fi/fantasy books and films, she enjoys gardening, painting, and family history research. She likes rock, pop, Celtic and classical music.

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Max Mann
4/8/2013 04:28:34 pm

A person who is 14 would not likely be charged with Statutory Rape because she/he would have a complete defense under Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 13- 1407 (F): "It is a defense to a prosecution pursuant to sections 13-1405 and 13-3560 if the victim is fifteen, sixteen or seventeen years of age, the defendant is under nineteen years of age or attending high school and is no more than twenty-four months older than the victim and the conduct is consensual." http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ars/13/01407.htm&Title=13&DocType=ARS More importantly, the 14 year old would likely be seen as only a victim, and not a a perp, and for that reason would not be charged.

Danielle Forrest
4/9/2013 01:08:21 pm

Thank you, Max, for the further details. I tried to elucidate the details myself but I'm not a lawyer and legalese makes my head hurt and my IQ drop about 50 points. And, sadly, the websites I ran through didn't give nearly enough details and the only law books I own have to do with handling of evidence.

4/10/2013 12:20:40 am

Thanks for the input. I hope you enjoy the book.

4/9/2013 12:50:38 am

Thanks for the further enlightenment! It just goes to show how carefully one needs to research when writing a book.

4/15/2013 07:40:50 am

Thank you very much for your review and spotlight of The Sixth Power.


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