This wasn't Carden's influence.  It was a direct order -- a mandate that no yakona had ever disobeyed.

Braeden fell to his knees and leaned into the stairwell wall as he fought the urge to turn.  For a moment, he did.  His body twisted to obey, but he kept it under control.  His mind pushed against the order, strong enough to preserve his Hillsidian body that had given him a home for the last twelve years.

But as soon as the thrill of hope made his heart flutter, his skin began to change color.  He cursed as the hope dissolved into panic.

His veins boiled as his skin darkened to a charcoal gray that matched his father's.  Even as he watched, it grew darker.  Black flames erupted from the pores along his arms and chest.  Fury and guilt crushed against his chest and shredded his resilience.  In an instant, his lifetime of lying came to light.
One word.  Wow.

I truly enjoyed the first book.  I was really looking forward to reading the second.  Don't think of this as a continuation or a sequel.  This book stands on its own merit.  I can't count the amount of times I laughed or smiled, gritted my teeth or ground my knuckles, put off eating or using the bathroom because I needed to get to the next scene, needed to find out what would happen next, needed to know if everything was going to be alright. I found myself stressed over Kara's conflicts with the first vagabond, hating him, even wanting to punch him at times.  I found myself missing the lightheartedness of the beginning of the book at times while simultaneously wanting to know that everything would work out, wanting to know what was going to happen, wanting Kara and Braeden to make it... together.  I read this book in about sixteen hours straight.  Not a record, but pretty impressive considering the length.

I loved Flick.  I want one.  He (or is it a she?) was so cute and, honestly, I could care less about the teleporting.  I want a pet that giggles at me!  Some characters, I came to really enjoy, like Twin, who blossoms in the book; while others drove me absolutely batty like the Bloods and the first vagabond, who simply seemed incapable of learning or changing.

Treason is a great book for many reasons.  It is dark, different, but makes you smile and laugh at regular intervals, breaking up the tension when it's most needed.  It is filled with twists and turns that I almost guarantee you will not see coming.  The characters are deep and come to life before your eyes and, no matter what your interest, I think you can probably find something to enjoy in this book.

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Ourea has always been a deadly place. The lichgates tying the hidden world to Earth keep its creatures at bay—for now.

Kara Magari ignited a war when she stumbled into Ourea and found the Grimoire: a powerful artifact filled with secrets. To protect the one person she has left, she strikes a deal that goes against everything she believes in. But things don’t go as planned.

Braeden Drakonin can no longer run from who—and what—he is. He has to face the facts. He’s a prince. He’s a murderer. He’s a wanted man. And after a betrayal that leaves him heartbroken, he’s out for blood.

To survive, both Kara and Braeden must become the evil each has grown to hate.

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S.M. Boyce is a fantasy and paranormal fiction novelist who also dabbles in contemporary fiction and comedy. Her B.A. in Creative Writing also qualifies her to serve you french fries. She updates her blog a few times each week so that you have something to wake you up in the morning.

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I love this review! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed Treason, and I hope books 3 & 4 (Heritage & Illusion) keep you even more entertained. Thanks for reviewing!

Danielle Forrest
3/23/2013 09:45:35 am

Oh my God, there's going to be a fourth book too?!? <big happy dance>


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