Is it too much to hope that an author would at least pretend at professionalism when responding to an email from a book reviewer choosing not to review his book?

I get that my critique might not make you happy.  And, no, I don't care that you had the book "professionally" edited.  That doesn't change the fact that your book doesn't look professionally edited.  I'm sorry.  If a book is missing end quotes between dialog and action, it is "inadequately edited" (my exact words in the email).  The fact that I chose to waste my time explaining why I didn't decide to review your book and even went so far as to offer suggestions as to how to improve upon the work does not give you the right to call me names.  It just doesn't.

And it is not pedantic to want the author to be consistent with how a character is named or to want it to be clear who is speaking or to want more detailed explanations of concepts that are not everyday.

And when I sent him a message trying to be [mostly] professional and told him to please not respond to the email as I had zero interest in continued correspondence, he had the audacity to respond (thus proving incapable of listening) and insult me AGAIN (thus reinforcing his complete lack of professionalism)!  I didn't respond back and blocked him from my mail client.

I meant to go to bed a while ago, but have been too keyed up by the asshole to sleep.  Kind of sucks considering I have to be somewhere early tomorrow morning and I haven't had a full night's sleep in a week.  Looks like tonight won't be any better...

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