Every year, November comes around and all of my (writer) friends start getting into a frenzy.  Planning and organizing so they can get that necessary 1,667 words a day in for the month of November.  For some friends, they'll easily do five times that quantity, but all I hear about is NaNoWriMo this and NaNoWriMo that.  It hurts knowing that I'll be left out.

I am in graduate school this year, but in years past, I've always been taking a class at the time (while working full-time) and simply didn't have the time.  This year is no different.  If I were to participate in NaNo, I'd need to plan in October (and I am far too much of a procrastinator to get it done before then).  October is a terrible month for me.  Always is.  I had two papers and two exams in October, not to mention my photography obligations (I attend arts festivals throughout the month of October).  So planning in October is definitely out.

But why November?  Where did that come about?  What made someone think that was a good idea?  I mean, you have, for many people, an entire week at the end of the month taken up by family.  You have decorating for the holidays and buying presents (pick you poison as to which holiday but there are at least 4 major holidays for various religions in December).  We, as writers, do have other obligations and there are plenty of months which would have fewer obligations for us than November.  If we are going to become completely absorbed in our writing for a month, shouldn't it be a month when our obligations are minimized?

So, I'm thinking I'm going to be participating in JuNoWriMo come June.  It's basically the same as NaNo, but doesn't restrict to novels and June is a far better month.  Classes end in the beginning of May, giving me time to plan and brainstorm beforehand.  I'll only have my research to work on outside of that.  Will you join me?