Kaycee is an obsessive compulsive copyeditor from Fort Worth, TX and probably has the best grasp of the English language of anyone I have ever met.  She is the daughter of a writer friend of mine and there are two things I find unique about her service to writers.  

The first is that she will work with you on pricing.  Kaycee has been known to work for barter, coordinate with you with regard to scheduled payments and on and on.  She knows how hard it can be for a struggling author to shell out the type of money it takes to get a book professionally edited (because she is one) and she really tries to allow her authors to get the editing their books deserve.

The second is that her service is not simply copyediting.  You are not paying for a single edit but a work in progress, no matter the tier.  She will work back and forth with you, asking questions and for clarification.  If you pay for the Level 3 tier, she will help with plot holes and inconsistencies with world building and character generation.  She once had a science fiction novel that she asked for the author to write a summary of the world so that she could compare back to it as she edits.

Her testimonials page is filled with rave reviews and I have never heard a bad word about her editing.  She has reviewed novels that people actually commented on how well they were edited, that became #1 bestsellers in the genre on Amazon.  She helps the author to move the story forward when he or she is blocked by posing questions that can get an author out of a corner.

Kaycee Hawn offers a full service to authors that doesn't stop at the initial edit.  She is a resource that cannot be appreciated enough.

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