What's the right price for your ebook?  This is a question I've been asking myself more and more often in the past few days.  I know what I think is too high (75+ % of the paperback price is too much therefore $8 for an ebook of a title that costs $10 in paperback is too much) and I know what I think is too low ($0.99 is too low for a full sized book so long as it is not temporarily on sale).  But what is the right price?  I just don't know.

I've been checking out a lot of new authors recently (a lot of self published because that's what I intend to do myself - I'm just too independent to do things someone else's way).  While I don't think I've seen a self published author list her ebook (I'm using her because a lot of these authors are female) for more than five dollars, the book prices can fall anywhere in the spectrum between free (for promotionals and sometimes the first book in a series to get a reader hooked) to 4.99.

So, I thought I'd do a poll (and encourage people to comment on the why of their pricing schemes and how successful it has been for them.  What do you sell your ebook for?

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