I was meandering triberr on this very fine morning, searching for content, when I stumbled upon this treasure, Liss Thomas.  She writes Young Adult Fantasy novels and is currently posting a serialized version of her third book, Hidden Monsters on her blog.  I read chapter 29 and I can honestly say, I'm impressed.

Generally, serialized novels aren't well edited because authors post them as they write them or after only a small amount of rudimentary editing because serialization is a great way to maintain readership between book publications.  Hidden Monsters is captivating and well done.  You can find Chapter 29 here: http://lisscthomas.blogspot.com, to see what I mean.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

Book 1: Finding Monsters

Monsters are real but they're not what we'd expect. Their realm lays hidden only to be found in darkness. They watch their humans, the little ones and keep them from the dark portals leading to their world. To touch is forbidden... but not all follow the rules.

Missy has been fighting to live her entire life, but when she finds herself in a realm of unique and sometimes deadly monsters, she discovers just how much of a survivor she really is. Accidentally transferred to this mysterious realm by her monster and only friend, Charlie, he finds himself weak and unable to protector her. The only way she can defend herself and him, is to become a monster herself. But an unknown dark stalker watches her progress and if he steals her power, he will unleash a scourge on both his world and the world she left behind.

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Book 2: Becoming Monsters

Missy and Charlie must return to a world she left behind to find a killer of monsters and men.  But when she learns her connection to the killer is a physical one, there may be no way of stopping him without killing her in the process. 

Book 3: Hidden Monsters

Jillian finds out her father is not from the human world but having a father who is a wolf has it's advantages especially when the government wants to dissect you and other monsters are out to kill you.

With her mother missing and time running out, Jill must learn to fight against deadly monsters, hide from cruel scientist and embrace her none human roots before school starts.

Available on her blog.

4/28/2013 09:51:36 pm

I'm glad you enjoyed my serial! Thanks for posting this!

7/26/2013 06:21:40 pm

I think this is really a treasure which give an adventure feeling to both of them.


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