Nowadays, people are entirely too sensitive.  Profanity is one of those things that isn't considered polite in mixed company.  Anyone who knows me in anything other than a professional capacity is probably well aware how foul mouthed I am.  I know, I try.  I really, really try.  But it's a lot like trying to dam up the Nile with two toothpicks and a spatula.  I have no idea how to do it and it seems really, really inadequate.  I do succeed most of the time, and for that, I am proud.  I make slips a few times a day, but mostly they are while I am alone and don't really care (e.g. mouthing off someone that cut me off or yelling at my computer because it doesn't do what I want it to).

I really don't understand the problem though.  What is so bad about cursing?  I've always been of the mind that I would much rather someone bark a curse word out at me in a fit of rage or frustration than a well thought out insult.  A curse word isn't anywhere near as demeaning as someone telling you (not in so many words, but this was the gist) that you're a sadistic bitch.  Specifically, he said, "You did that on purpose."  He had a nerve injury to his hand that caused him pain.  My lab coat apparently grazed it without my knowledge.  The conversation deteriorated after that and he was a real bastard about it.  Treated me like a child, which I didn't take to well.  But I was a good little lab tech and tried to ignore him and go back to my job.  Eventually, I got in trouble for saying he was acting like an asshole.  I got in trouble for saying asshole but he didn't get in trouble for bringing me to tears.  Go figure.

Moving on, most people have to stop and think in order not to curse.  A person generally means no offense when they say a curse word.  It's a heat of the moment thing.  It's a way in which to vent.  But a person can pack a whole lot of hurt in a sentence if they want to (see the example above).  People don't need curse words to be cruel.

So I say, the hell with sensitivity and let 'em fly!

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