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CHASING SAM approaches the society of werewolves in Vegas Mates in a more human way than some shifter books at first. Emphasis is not placed so much on whether or not a particular wolf is an alpha or beta...but on their status in the werewolf society as a whole. There are wolves with noble bloodlines and wolves that are considered common. My twist on werewolf lore is that the noble blooded wolves have tried to separate themselves from their wolf, breaking the pack mentality and living quite separated from each other. They rule as government over the non-noble packs. As the series progresses you will see more of the differences and struggles in the mentalities of the noble vs. non-noble wolf packs and their interactions with other shifter breeds. The non-noble wolf packs will function in a more traditional way with the alphas, betas, and so on, yet they will still answer to the nobles in power. Think along the lines of an medieval feudal system. 

CHASING SAM is just the beginning of an adventure! I hope you will join me.


The worst thing about this book was it ended before I wanted it to.  It was just too short.  I wanted to spend more than a few hours with Chase and Sam!
I really liked Sam and Chase and absolutely despised her mom and her other suitors (Hah! Suitors.  As if.).  God, I wanted to wallop her one something fierce!

The author was very good about playing to the reader's emotions and my moods swung like a manic-depressive without her meds.  I found myself laughing and then quickly wanting to hit someone, yearning for them to get together and practically yelling for them to run as fast as their legs could carry them.

What can I say?  I liked it.  Now, when's the next book coming out?!?  I need my next fix. 


Samantha Demakis doesn’t want a mate right now. Her birth-rite and family obligations to her status as the first daughter of a noble family beg to differ. In fact, even her wolf seems to be against her. When a chance encounter reveals the man who might just be a perfect fit, will she run? Or will she fight?

Chase Michaels has been alone for seventy-five years. He’s fought in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan in the US Army. Somewhat resigned to never finding his true mate, he is shocked when his wolf reacts so strongly to a woman he runs into in the airport. Unprepared for the politics and snobbery of the noble families, Chase finds himself fighting in a different type of war —a war for the heart of a woman he knows should be his.

A lot of things are chasing Sam, but who or what will catch her in the end?

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About the Author

Krystal Shannan is a born, raised, and current TEXAN. She is married to a wonderful man who supports her dream of writing and allows her to spend many evening and weekend hours glued to her laptop. During the day she moonlights as an elementary music teacher. In addition to a doting husband, a young daughter is also part of the picture and keeps her hopping! An ornery little Welsh Corgi completes the household.

Krystal has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil. She has always dreamed of writing romance and sharing the "movies in her head" with the world. If she's not writing, she's reading -historical, paranormal, action, adventure -anything she can get her hands on that ends with a Happily Ever After!

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Thank you for hosting

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Nice!! If the worst thing you can say about a book is that you want more, you know its a good bet!!!

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Sometimes the whole novella thing is a bit of a pain. I mean, on the one side, it's certainly nice, especially for those who don't have enough time to dedicate to larger books, to be able to finish a book in a few hours. But on the other, I usually end up really wrapped up in characters and want to read more but there is no more.

Krystal Shannan
5/12/2013 09:05:51 pm

Thank you for the great review and for hosting me today! The next book will be out later this summer :-) I promise you won't be disappointed.

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<happy wiggles>

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Thanks for sharing! Excited to hear more about the book! :)

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Well, glad to have you.

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Thanks for the review, sounds like a good read! An interesting take on werewolf hierarchy, can't wait to read more about it.

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Really enjoyed the post, review and blurb cant wait to dive into this book.Cover is gorgeous


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