When a young boy follows a dark-winged creature through his summer suburbia, the world opens before him. But as reality peels away, and as the entities from beyond pour through, nothing can be done.

The mind bending has just begun. And what follows will change the boy and his family forever. For the Multiverse has found a friend; the beings of the black beyond are calling.
-Blurb for "The Followers" on Amazon.com
Today, I'm interviewing Evan Bollinger, author of the "The Followers," a novella that released back in March of 2012.  Evan, why don't you tell us a little about your novella "The Followers."

Evan - "The Followers" is a metaphysical/visionary novella that explores alternate selves, the Multiverse , and fantastical creatures that pervade our world everyday, unbeknownst to the majority of us.

Cool.  I love books where the events could be happening right underneath our noses without even being aware.  What would you say is the key element that makes your book different?

Evan - Nothing is spoon-fed in this book. Suggestions about the nature of our world and reality is painted--you are immersed in a setting not that unfamiliar from your own, and it is up to you to choose what you believe. 

Speaking of reality - as authors, the way we perceive the real world has a very real impact on the worlds we create.  Do you actually believe in differing levels of reality or is it just a work of fantasy?  How did this influence the writing of "The Followers"?  Did it make it easier or harder?

Evan - I believe in the possibility of differing levels of reality. Theoretical astrophysics and other sciences purport the growing possibility of such things, and I would be hard-pressed to deny such an awesome and eye-opening concept. "The Followers" suggests that reality is equally external and internal. Our minds inform our external world as much as factors outside our physical bodies.

As a scientist myself, I couldn't agree more.  Tell us how reality works in the novella.

Evan - Well, the Multiverse implies the existence of infinite planes of existence that stem from every conceivable possibility. That is to say, there could be a universe where I'm a scientist, a universe where Hitler lived, where a comet struck Earth, where fluctuations in the space-time continuum dramatically altered the physical properties of our planet (gravity, atmosphere, the nature of its inhabitants). Point is, we all have alternative selves in infinite parallel worlds. Depending upon the worlds, these alternate selves could be virtually the same (except for maybe a mole on the nose), or they could be drastically different (perhaps, no longer "human"). I like to think that the Multiverse makes anything possible. 

In one of your emails to me, you mentioned mysterious beings that could travel between the worlds.  Tell us more about these "mysterious beings."  

Evan - One is more or less a dark-winged creature, akin to a dragon. The others are black, seemingly formless beings of vapor with long, black human-like fingers. The creatures may very well exist on their own, or they may be more a projection of the inner mind...  The young boy protagonist also sees an alternate form of himself. This form, or 'impostor' as he calls it, looks everything like him. The same face, body, look and feel--but something is very, very different...

I'd ask what's so different, but I'd like to leave a little mystery for the readers (Yes, I'm evil.  Mwahaha).  Instead, let's get back to those creatures.  How do they travel between 'verses?

Evan - Only certain people who are in contact with the ebb and flow of the Multiverse can detect its openings. These individuals may live in solitude their whole lives, they may walk among us, calmly coping with both gift and curse of their condition. Or, they may be people who have been thrown to the wayside, cast aside as "schizophrenic," or "loony" or somehow unfit for society. As of yet, the exact nature of inter-verse travel is unexplained, but I hope to explore this concept in subsequent books.

Fair enough.  What's it like to travel like that and how does it feel to leave the world they know behind and adjust to a new one that's potentially so alien to their own?

Evan - It's like splitting yourself in two. Like depersonalization. Very painful--but more of a mental anguish. You become completely disoriented, losing sense of who you are, where you are, and if you even are...  

Wow, don't sign me up for that!  Okay, time for one final question.  What books or topics readers might recognize would you say resonate with you book?

Evan - Any readers that like magical realism, or the exploration of human psychology, the union of evil and good--anybody who has ever fallen slave to the mundane and dreamed of something beyond the veil.

Wow, thanks, Evan!  It was a pleasure talking with you.

About the Author:

Evan is...

A seasoned writer and practitioner of telepathy. A student of human psychology. A supporter of all causes humanitarian. A people-watcher. Extremely motivated... in extremely narrow areas of interest.
And speaking of interest...

He likes a mild Autumn day.

And a good Lager.

But he hates routine. And boring people. And morning people. And fast-talkers, stalkers, big-talkers, and juiced meatheads who hide needles in lockers.
Well... actually, he doesn't really hate anybody. He's quite accepting, really. It doesn't matter if you've got two heads or no feet, if you're you, you're you. As the rap artists say, just do you.

But he does despise being told what to think.

And when to think. And where to think.

He was the most disorganized student in high school. His messy binder made the yearbook. True story. Take that, "Most Likely to Succeed."

He has degrees in English and Psychology from Dickinson College. He has tutored peers, worked at grocery stores and cafeterias, volunteered at retirement homes, gotten psychedelic, and is currently employed as a substitute teacher. His worse job experience is cleaning poop from a bathroom ceiling. That's right... the ceiling.

In his spare time, this aspiring author watches the occasional NBA game and tries to catch the show Californication whenever possible. He enjoys the master of dark thrillers, suspense, and horror: Stephen King. And he may be one of the biggest detractors of the Twilight series. (Sorry, 2/3 of Planet Earth).

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