"I think we need to come up with a safe word."
"Blue cheesecake," Beth mumbled, more to herself.
"That's two words.  That's how people die.  It needs to be one word."
This story starts me out with a laugh and a little sexual innuendo (and ends the same way).  What better way to start a piece labeled a Sci-Fi Erotic Short?

A playful, at times silly, erotica that just might have you craving cheesecake.

About the Author:

1.) I laugh (a lot) when I'm nervous.
2.) I blush every time I write a sex scene.
3.) I love Big Bang Theory, Football, and True Blood.
4.) I'm a horrible insomniac and go days without sleeping.
5.) I have a crude sense of humor and drag all conversations to the gutter.

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