I found this story to be an enjoyable, cute (to my twisted mentality) short story that does a commendable job at trying to get inside the head of a young child that has just lost a parent.

One of the things I liked about this story is how you can see her actions from an adult's perspective at the same time it's told from that of a child.  I remember the squirming and fidgeting, the questions and acting up, of kids at the wake I last attended.  

I felt sorry for the young girl, not able to accept or understand death.  And I found it strange that the girl knew her mother had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  That took me out of the story a bit.  After all, she seems young enough that her family would simply call it medicine or treatments to make mommy better or something of the sort.

The music lyrics were a great touch - very creepy.  I loved how the lyrics of the song and the words of the preacher took on whole new meanings to the ears of a small child.  What was meant to be reassuring, became ominous, even hauntingly disturbing.

I find myself finding the story more creepy, disturbing, and intriguing than a horror story as categorized.  But, then again, I haven't had a good scare since I watched Nightmare on Elm Street and couldn't sleep that night (even though I watched it in the morning).  The story was cool, but I wouldn't call it scary. 


“Mom died in her sleep last night.” Those are terrifying words for a child to wake up to. The beetle that falls off the stretcher and stares at her is only the beginning one of the strangest and most frightening times in Lori’s life. Death is not a pretty thing, especially not when the funeral is to be at the Lights Out Chapel and Crematorium.

Once she walks into the funeral parlor, she experiences things that no little girl should ever have to experience. No one is acting normal. No one can see what is going on. Is Lori the only one who sees the blood oozing from the pictures of Jesus on the cross? Doesn’t anyone else see the beetles? Is Lori hallucinating when she sees her mom sit up and hears her speak? There is absolutely nothing soft and tender about what happens to Lori.

From her overly morbid piano teacher to the creepy preacher and a father that just isn’t acting like himself, Lori is surrounded by people and things that hint of something bizarre. Once she leaves the Lights Out Chapel and Crematorium, things will go back to normal. Or will they?

About the Author:

Lisa Binion is a writer, editor, and wife. She makes her home in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Her two children are now grown, but she has been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren, Tyler and Zoey. Her family also includes four dogs, four cats, and two goats.

As the Fiction Writing Editor for BellaOnline, she writes articles, reviews fiction books, and interviews fiction authors. She is also an editor for Silver Tongue Press and Edit 1st. In her spare time, she attempts to clean house and relax.

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3/31/2013 11:01:53 pm

Thank you for hosting today :-)

4/1/2013 08:33:11 am

What makes a horror story to you?

Danielle Forrest
4/1/2013 10:22:14 am

A story that gives you nightmares and keeps your from sleeping. Sadly, I'm not easy to scare. I haven't had a good horror in a while. Although, I did have this post-apocalyptic book I read a while back that had me convinced for a while I had to prepare for the end of the world... Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling. Not sure if it was really horror per se, but it definitely messed with my head for weeks.

4/2/2013 05:45:15 am

See, I'm one that gets scared very easily. lol My imagination gets a little too wild and I have nightmares for months.

4/3/2013 02:50:19 am

Love horror stories! Looking forward to reading this! Wishing you well on the tour:) Pit Crew

4/3/2013 03:45:56 am

This sounds like a spooky read!

Pit Crew


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