I was pointed to this site by a member of GoodReads and, frankly, I'm impressed.  It's like Pinterest for readers.  Authors post short stories (generally less than 2,000 words).  The stories get sorted into various categories, so you can pick which types of stories you're interested in reading.  You can take a gander at stories that are new, trending, or staff picks.

This is a quote from Rob Tucker of Readwave:

ReadWave is a new social reading platform, which focuses on handpicked short stories from fresh new voices. If you're the type of person that would like to read more, but doesn't have the time to read a full novel, then ReadWave is perfect for you. Everyday the ReadWave homepage is updated with brand new stories from up-and-coming writers to read for free.

ReadWave is accessible on all mobile devices, so whether you’re sitting on the train or bored at work you can instantly dive into a great read. If you’re tired of Amazon recommendation engines, or if you don't have time to explore new writers, then just visit ReadWave.com and read something that has been lovingly chosen by real editors.
What I like about this is two fold.  It allows authors another avenue for building a platform and it works on a viral platform like Pinterest, where the more people like something, the higher placement it gets.  You can share across your various social networks, spreading the word about your favorite stories and authors.

They also offer a weekly email of hand-picked stories you can choose to have sent to your mailbox and you can add you favorite stories to your website or blog easily using a widget.  The button to get the widget code for the story looks like this: </>  You can see an example of the widget below.
Read on ReadWave.com
All in all, I think it has a lot of promise and intend to see what it can do.
5/2/2014 09:17:03 am

A nice post! I've personally worked together with both Rob and Raoul doing an internship at the company. I hope they succeed with ReadWave, it's a great idea!

Please check out my short post on ReadWave and comment if you have the time! http://www.nynyonline.co.uk/promopo-readwave/ :)


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