As anyone who has read my blog would probably figure out, my primary goal is helping other deserving authors get their name out there.  Sometimes it is by doing book reviews, sometimes it is by compiling information that they might find useful in their road to success.

Recently, I've been thinking about things like guest posts and promotional posts and blog tours.  I'm always looking for fresh ideas, for ways of taking someone who is just reading a blog post and making them into someone who is intrigued if not enamored with an author.  A common promotional tool is an interview, either with the writer or a character.  As I've thought on this, I've become more and more certain that interviews are mostly useless and a pain in the butt.  Sure, I can come up with intriguing questions that aren't your every day questions about where the author gets her ideas or his writing rituals, but does it really help to promote the author?

Does it give the reader a reason to want to check out the latest book?

Does it catch them and draw them in to where they have to click that link?

So I asked myself and came up with this conclusion.  Simply, no.  If I was reading an interview, I wouldn't be likely to get to the end, let alone be engaged enough to check out what he has written.  

I think, probably, the best types of promotional posts are those that actually advertise the author's skills.  Things like book excerpts, short stories, or creative writing exercises.  That might get me interested.  Actually, the right book excerpt and I would almost guarantee I would click a link, maybe to to add the book to my To-Read category or maybe to add it to my wish list.  Maybe, if it was really good, I'd buy it on an impulse.

But, what do you think?

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