I've come to think that a lot of new authors have this erroneous idea of "the editor".  They see an editor as this end all and be all of editing that makes your book perfect and that's that.  I was probably like this at some time as well.  In truth, "the editor" largely doesn't exist - especially for self publishing.  I've known people that published their books through publishers that were completely unsatisfied with their editors assigned by the publishing company.  Some are better than others.  And even then, you should never rely on the editor.  After all, editors are human too. They'll miss some too, so it's always a good idea to put your book in as many hands as possible.

For clarification, I'd like to also eradicate some myths with regarding to the editing process as well.  Editing is not a one step process.  It has many steps and they can seem endless.

Steps to Editing:
  • Writer Edits (and there are many)
  • Beta Readers
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading

Though I've only mentioned four stages here, you must also understand that the editing process loops back a lot.  So you've finished the writer edits?  Yay!  On to the beta readers.  Beta readers finish?  Back to the writer edits!  On to the copyediting?  Yay!  Then back to writer edits. Repeat as needed.  And you can get stuck in a vicious cycle, looping between copyediting and writer edits (for example) as you try to work with your editor correcting what he or she sees.

By the time you finish editing, you've seen the book so many times you feel like your eyes should bleed and you get to where you really don't like the story anymore.  I got that way a few years ago and have severely rewritten it since then.

So, whether you are self-publishing or going through a publisher, be paranoid about editing.  It will save you from being surprised by a reviewer later.

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