Penn continued, motioning us to sit closer as if he were telling bedtime stories to children.  "If that wasn't enough, the second contact demanded an exorbitant amount of money  within a day, which he knew I couldn't gather in time, and the third contact only furnished me with the papers because I walked in, pulled the safety pin on a grenade, and threatened to remove my finger from the striker lever.  Heh."

"That was reckless."  I looked at Renee and mimicked her expression of displeasure.  Secretly, though, I was thinking of how I would've gone in with two grenades.
I truly enjoyed this book.  Alesha Escobar is a wonderful storyteller and weaves an alternate world where magic is commonplace and those than wield it hold the world in the balance.

The story takes place during an alternate World War II and starts with people trying to kill our heroine, who goes by many, many names.  The story will take you from battle to battle, with few breathers in between.  Filled with mysteries and betrayal, the main character must make her way through France, complete her mission, and not get killed in the process.  Did I mention that she seems to grown enemies as quickly as she loses allies?

To add to that, I loved the way the book ended.  It had a twist ending I would have never seen coming, and yet made total sense in hind sight.

The only thing I did not like about this novel was the editing.  Though the book was edited well enough for me to read and review it, it did take longer than usual for me to read and the errors were plentiful, though they rarely detracted from the reading (unless you're an editor, in which case you can't help but notice).  The errors I found were almost always systematic, meaning she made the same mistakes throughout the entire novel.  With a proper editor, this book would have been well worth five stars.

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