So, I need to set my printer up for wireless printing.  I know, I'm a lazy bum and I just haven't gotten around to it.  So I leave my Windows desktop up all the time and print from there.  Progress Energy was working on something today, so I lost power for most of the afternoon while I was on campus.  No big deal.  But my computer shut off because of it.

So I turn on my desktop, which is admittedly slower than my Macbook Pro on booting because the Mac had a solid state drive and the desktop doesn't.  But Good Lord, it takes forever to load the operating system and it take forever to load the browser.  And so I got curious and decided to check the specs between the two systems.  I pulled up the Mac specs in all of two ticks.  The Windows 7 computer?  I walked alway and started writing this blog because I got impatient with the beast.

My Windows 7 Ultimate computer has:
3Ghz dual core processor
3GB video RAM

My Macbook Pro has:
2.3Ghz 4-core processor
1024 MB video RAM

Admittedly, looking at my laptop, I suddenly want to upgrade my desktop, but seriously.  That shouldn't be that slow.  Most of the parts are not that old.  Only the RAM and processor are more than a year old.  It's just Windows.  My netbook (Windows XP) and my old laptop (Windows XP as well) are/were both abominably slow.

I guess it just reinforces what I've been learning more and more.  I hate Microsoft.  I might not agree with Apple's business practices.  But then, I don't agree with pretty much any big corporation's business practices.  I just like their products.  Period.  And there is unfortunately no viable alternative for someone who has become so thoroughly disenfranchised with Microsoft and doesn't see Linux as a viable option because of software availability.

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