When we finished breakfast and there was nothing left on the table, I was still a bit hungry but I didn’t tell Chase.  I never seemed to fill up and most of the time, I was embarrassed by how skinny I was.  Yes, it was true.  I used to feel too fat.  Now, I couldn't keep pounds on to save my life.  Sometimes, I felt like I could float away, if it weren't for the fact I could lift a Mack truck with my thumb and index finger.  I started clearing off the table but Chase quickly interfered and whisked everything away.  If only he knew I could balance all those dishes, pots, pans, cups and silverware on one finger to bring them to the kitchen.  I’ve done it before.  “Fine,” I said, “then what did you get me to watch?”

“It’s a surprise.  Wait until I finish with these dishes," he aimed the statement back at me with a grin that was part affection, part mischief.

“Surprise?  You know I don’t do surprises.  Where did you put it?  Is it in your jacket?  Chase?”  I walked back into the kitchen and right behind him at the sink.

“Yes, Angi?” he said, turning his head slightly to get a glimpse at me.

I glided my hands around him, saying, “Hurry up so I can find out what you got me.”  He was wearing his lightweight jacket he loved so much and there was a rectangular bulge in the front where the inside pocket was.  I slid my hand into his jacket and slipped it out, jumping back as he turned and tried to hit me with the water and soap suds that covered his hands.  Thanks to cat-like reflexes, he missed entirely and I stuck my tongue out at him, waving the box mockingly.  My smile was anything but innocent.  With a smile on both of our faces, I slinked into the dining room and opened the bag with the box in it.  He got me Underworld: Evolution.  I love that movie!  And not a rental either, brand new.  My smile broadened.

Yes, I know it would seem like a weird movie to like but let’s face it, Selene reminded me a lot of myself.  Besides, who wouldn’t love to go around in skin-tight leather, leaping from building to building.  Plus, I loved the way she always lands with a bounce in her step.  I just can’t do that.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  If you put me in skin-tight leather and high heels, I'd be lucky if I landed on my feet and not my ass.  Period.  I could manage a quiet landing but graceful has always been a stretch.  Besides, did a warrior honestly NEED a graceful landing?  Not really.  Just needed to not warn my enemies.

Chase finished the dishes and walked into the living room to find me beaming from ear to ear.  “I guess you liked it.”

“You know it.”  I smiled a little brighter.  I ran over to the DVD player and 42” LCD TV and started the close to impossible task of removing the safety seals from the DVD, which of course was in triplicate along with the skin-tight wrapper.  After about five minutes, I was finally able to get the disc in the player.

As I sat down on the couch, leaning into Chase, he said, “Can’t see why you like this movie.  But I’m glad you’re happy.”

“What’s not to like?  Perfect role model.  Hot-ass chica in skin-tight leather, jumping off buildings and kicking ass.”  I smiled again.  God, if he only knew HOW perfect role model she could be.

“I guess you’re right.”  He smiled back at me.

After the movie, we played cards, drank and laughed.  It was probably about three o’clock when Chase kissed me goodnight.  I locked the door behind him and had already taken my shirt and bra off by the time I reached the bedroom.  I grabbed the sports bra from the bed and pulled it over my head along with the tie-dyed Santana tee shirt and pulled off my jeans before curling up into my queen-size to sleep.  Hmmm, I forgot something… Aw hell, it can wait until I get up again.  I rolled over and started dreaming of doing things with Chase I’d never done before…

Photo credit: Caliban 7 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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