I've been wanting to revamp my website for a while now.  I've been focusing on my blog and building an audience.  But, I'm also trying to get published.  As some of you may know, I'm planning on self-publishing, which frequently means doing a lot of the work myself.

I'm editing right now (which is slow but coming along).  Suddenly, I thought of something.  Forever After was originally a serialized novel, way back in the day.  Back in college, I started writing Forever After for a friend of mine, who read a character bio I'd written for a text game site and begged me for more.  I tried to write a chapter a week (though there were times when I went long stretches without), but I found that having an audience and having people that anticipated my next update (whether imagined or real) helped me to push forward and keep getting that update every week.

So, in the hopes that 1) I will stay on track this way and 2) I might gain an audience, I will start posting my book on my website.  I'm going to try to keep posts to roughly thousand word batches, which will vary depending on scene lengths.  This way, the posts will not be too short or too long.  

Well, I will be posting Chapter 1 momentarily.  Hope to see you soon.

On a housekeeping note, the RSS feed link at the top of the page is for the blog.  There is a temporary RSS feed in the sidebar.  I am currently working on setting up joint RSS and email subscriptions through Feedburner, but it is fighting me.

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